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About Us

Mestre Almiro & Professora Ro


Almiro lives in Portland, Oregon where he continues to teach and share the legacy of Capoeira Regional, organizing trips to Brazil and supporting his students. Almiro studied Capoeira from a young age in his home town of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, the birthplace of the art, first studying the older form of Capoeira - Capoeira de Angola - and also cross-trained in Hapkido. He began training at the Academia do Bimba- the original school of Capoeira Regional that still operates in Salvador under his contemporary, Mestre Bamba. Almiro headed the school for several years, where he was discovered by visiting dance instructors and offered sponsorship in the U.S. by Portland State University in 1986. Almiro created the Bahia Brazil Art Center in Portland to share Brazilian culture through movement, music and art. His sister, Valdizia, is head of BBAC operations in Bahia, Brazil.

Capoeira Regional Hawaii hopes to bring Mestre Almiro to visit and share workshops and events with us soon!
If you are interested in trips to Brazil, please visit:

Ro lives in HPP and works as an Art Teacher at Pahoa High & Intermediate School. At age 19 she obtained her first degree black belt in Traditional Taekwon Do, later discovering Capoeira while studying in Japan (where there is a large Brazilian population) and began training with Mestre Almiro in 2008 in her hometown of Portland, Oregon.
During high school, Ro spent a year in Argentina as an exchange student, and has lived and worked with immigrant and refugee communities ever since, focusing on the arts, education, and social justice. She is a potter, a singer/songwriter and enjoys Brazilian and Cuban dance. You can find her artwork at Kilauea Pottery in downtown Hilo. Ask about local dance events!

Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) on the corner of 31st & Paradise Dr. (HPP) in Kea'au, HI (Big Island)


We train barefoot on concrete floor. Parking and bathrooms available on site.  CSL is located on the right (Pahoa) side of Paradise Dr. on the makai (ocean) side corner of 31st when coming down from highway 131 toward the ocean (makai).

Our Philosophy


Emphasis is placed on becoming "prestativo / prestativa" a Portuguese word that means helpful/versatile/prepared or able to easily adapt and lend oneself to various practices, environments, and skills. We also encourage students to embrace self-sufficiency and to make things by hand whenever possible.
Capoeira Regional naturally develops an individual's strength, flexibility, self-control, self-esteem, confidence, respect for ones environment, empathy and camaraderie with others, and can help provide a sense of purpose and community, as well as a greater understanding of history. In addition to physical training, students learn to play all instruments, to follow and lead songs (in Portuguese), to perform and help teach class as they advance.

Weekly Classes


Adult - Beginners / All Levels

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Corner of 31st & Paradise Dr., Kea'au, HI, 96749

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Adult - Beginners / All Levels

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Corner of 31st & Paradise Dr., Kea'au, HI, 96749


Contact Us

Capoeira Regional Hawaii group trains at the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) on Monday nights from 6:30-8pm. Contact Professora Ro for more information: 

Capoeira Regional Hawaii

Corner of 31st & Paradise Dr., Kea'au, HI, 96749


Adult Beginner Class:
Mondays 6:30pm-8:00pm